Fox PBC Fight Night headlines the bout between IBF super-middleweight world champion, Caleb Plant and former IBF super-middleweight champion Caleb Truax. The event unfolds on January 30 at Shrine Auditorium and Expo Hall in Los Angeles, USA.

Caleb Truax meets Caleb Plant midway on the latter’s quest to greatness. Mexican legend Canelo Alvarez is waiting for Caleb Plant if things ended well for the IBF super-middleweight champion. Carrying behind more years than he will have forward, Caleb Truax is no stranger to the notion of the underdog. He has pulled off few upsets worthy of mention in the past and eyes for the same in this weekend bout.

The heavyweight bout between Darmani Rock and Michael Coffie is the co-main event of the Fox PBC Fight Night. Young talents like Joey Spencer, Isiah Seldon, Rances Barthelemy and All Rivera decorate the fight card on the given day.

When is the Caleb Plant vs Caleb Truax fight?

Event: Caleb Plant vs Caleb Truax

Date: 30th January, Saturday

Location: Shrine Auditorium and Expo Hall, Los Angeles

Time: 8 p.m. ET / 5 p.m. PT

How to watch the Caleb Plant vs Caleb Truax fight?

FOX is one stop destination for the Caleb Plant vs Caleb Truax fight. Fox will stream the fight live in its channel and FOX sports app.

Fight card;;

Caleb Plant vs Caleb Truax

Michael Coffie vs Darmani Rock

Joey Spencer vs Isiah Seldon

Rances Barthelemy vs All Rivera

Atif Oberlton vs Nathan Sharp

Brandyn Lynch vs Mark Hernandez

Fernando Molina vs James De Herrera

Daniel Garcia vs Joseph Quintana


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Trauma changes people for the best or the worst. In the case of Caleb Plant, it took him on a royal path to stardom. If losing his mother early and growing up in poverty was a sorry story, an unknown disease coupled with a respiratory infection worsened to pneumonia which took away his 19-month daughter’s life is the pinnacle of pity. Yet, Plant stands here, unbeaten in 20 games. The Nashville native seldom leaves it to the judges, knocking out 12 of his opponents. Composed during his fights, Plant utilizes head off the centre technique, popularized by Joe Louis in the mid-20th century. ‘Sweethands’ reflects the veteran Floyd Mayweather in some of his moves and his ring IQ is outright brilliant. Plant’s footwork combined with his speed can send Caleb Truax off-balance all too soon. In his own words, Plant has everything to lose in this fight and he will combat like it.

Except for robbing Jose Uzcategui of his IBF belt which he retains till now, none of Plant’s bouts in the recent years has been on his level. Though Traux is a former champion, he is on the doom of his career. Plant will win this with ease, Canelo Alvarez is the shark which should be under the radar of the IBF champ.

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Two heavyweights at parity lock horns as Michael Polite Coffie touches gloves with Darmani Rock. The American rivals for the night lean more towards knockouts. Despite being younger than Coffie, the 24-year-old Rock has fought more rounds than Coffie, 54 to be precise. But Rock’s last bout was in October 2019, a tad bit too much of a break for his division. Pandemic didn’t slow down Coffie even to an inch, the New Yorker fought three contenders toppling them off through sheer power of his fists. His recent upgrade to the unbeaten record, Joey Abell, shows his determination. Age is a positive for Rock, this is an important moment in his career. Any one of the contenders can win but the bout won’t go beyond the fifth round.

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Under the wings of Bill Johnson, the same one who trained his father, the former WBA heavyweight champion, Bruce Seldon, the New Jersey resident Isiah Seldon had a relatively late start to his professional boxing career. In a span of a decade, Seldon has won 14 bouts, lost in three and drew one. He is more of a striker than a knockout artist. Joey Spencer, on the other hand, loves to finish his fights as quickly as possible. The Linden native has eight knockouts to his name, he sent Shawn West to the canvas twice in his previous bout, ending the contest with a knockout. The star kid Seldon has never won a game against a rival on a song, he will most likely lose the upcoming contest.

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Malik Hawkins bout slipped away from All Rivera’s hands right in front of his eyes, it was late by the time Rivera rose up to the count of referee’s ten. However, Rivera started 2020 well through a unanimous decision victory against Rodel Wenceslao. The Orthodox Cuban fighter, Rances Barthelemy, on the other hand, is a top contender in the super light category. His only loss was to Kiryl Relikh in a rematch, where the two fought for the vacant WBA title. Barthelemy’s footwork is impressive, his punches have more accuracy and his experience speaks for himself. Though knocking off 18 of his opponents, the Philippines countryman has lost four of his bouts. He doesn’t put his southpaw stance to great use. Barthelemy has a better shot in this bout than Rivera if it goes the distance.

Atif Oberlton vs Nathan Sharp Live Stream..

Atif Oberlton, the USA national championship finalist of 2018, transitions to professional boxing with his upcoming bout against Nathan Sharp. Oberlton is a keen striker, his alliance with Marshall Kauffman has bought him some quality bouts in the dawn of his career. However, he has not been in good touch lately, Nathan Sharp could get an edge through this. The 30-year-old Californian, Nathan Davis Sharp has been dormant in the past year. A unanimous decision handed him his second loss in his sixth bout. All of his wins were through knockouts, however, Oberlton has a significant reach advantage and he might taste a victory in his debut.

Brandyn Lynch vs Mark Hernandez Online FrEe Now..

Standing 10-1-0, Brandyn Lynch promotes himself to middleweight for the bout against Mark Hernandez 14-4-1. Most of Lynch’s wins came through knockouts, yet none of his rivals was in good momentum. The same criteria match with Mark Hernandez. The Californian native has lost three of his four fights, Jeison Rosario took Hernandez down in the ninth round. Hernandez has to reach advantage over Lynch but he isn’t a knockout artist to make the most of it. Weight gain usually affects the cardio of the fighters. It will be interesting to see how Lynch pours in the stamina required. Brandyn Lynch might have some bad news for Hernandez.



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