Tyson and Jones have made it clear that despite Foster saying the bout will be nothing more than a “hard sparring session”, they will be going for the finish. Meanwhile, Desert News claims that Mike Tyson was also the father of Mikey Lorna. Afterward, Tyson had Miguel Leon and Exodus along with his girlfriend, Sol Xochitl. Following Exodus’ unfortunate demise in 2009, Tyson married Lakiha Spicer and had two kids- Milan and Morocco. Here’s what we know about all of them. Tyson has a notorious reputation for pure violence and ferocity that even the new school fans have heard off. November 28, 2020 (Saturday) 11pm ET and 5am GMT

Tyson vs Jones Jr: Boxing is return with Mike Tyson vs Roy Jones comeback fight. After a long time, Mike Tyson will fight against Roy Jones on November 28, 2020. So, It’s time to watch Tyson vs Jones live stream online, right? Here in this article, we will show you some best options to watch this legendary boxing match from anywhere.
Tyson vs Jones Jr

Tyson vs Jones Jr: Mike Tyson (54) and Roy Jones (51) are legends of American boxing and they are expected to wear headgear and use larger gloves for the match on 12 September.

Mike Tyson is making a shocking comeback to boxing with an eight-round exhibition fight against Roy Jones Jr in Los Angeles.

Tyson vs Jones Jr: & Roy Jones posted on his Instagram handler that “I am happy that this fight between me and Mike Tyson will happen! I was always ready and will be ready this time as well.”

The former Heavyweight World Champion is considered one of the most feared boxers of all time, often referred to as “the baddest man on the planet.” Mike Tyson finished his first year as a professional boxer with a 15-0 record, with all wins coming by way of knockout.

“Iron Mike” was 20 years and four months old when he became the youngest heavyweight champion in boxing history. He has a 50-6 career record, with 44 of the 50 victories being knockouts. He last fought in 2005 when he lost to Kevin McBride.

And here goes American born Roy Levesta Jones Jr. He also holds Russian citizenship what makes him a dual citizenship holder. He is the first middleweight champion to win the heavyweight champion title in 106 years. Also known as Captain Hook holds the excruciating record of 66 wins and 9 losses.

He was known for his exceptional quick hand movements, and reflections. He is the only boxer in history who started his career as Junior Middleweight but ended up being the heavyweight champion. For many, he’s considered one of the best boxers of all time

Iron’ Mike was truly on top of his game on the night he completely shut-down the lineal champion Michael Spinks. Chiefly, Tyson had his fair share of trouble outside the ring and there were many questions surrounding the 21-year-old. Furthermore, he would put all concerns to bed after a show-stopping performance that lives on in infamy. During his prime, it seemed as though there was no man alive who could tame the beast that was Tyson. As he prepares for his return to boxing, let’s take a look at some of his most lethal KO’s through the years. Mike Tyson is set to make his return to boxing with an exhibition bout against fellow legend Roy Jones Jr. ‘Iron’ Mike last stepped under the bright lights all the way back in 2005 and he’s back at the age of 54. However, combat sports fans still fondly recall the heyday of the ‘Baddest Man on the Planet’. Mike Tyson vs. Roy Jones Jr. Updates Check some important news and live updates about Tyson vs Jones fight on 28th November 2020. When it is happening?

November 28, 2020 (Saturday) What time does it start? 11pm ET and 5am GMT Live Stream: Watch Live How To Watch Tyson vs Jones Online? Lot of streaming options available which is completely PPV. Check out BT Sport Box Office in UK, Main Event in Australia and TysonOnTriller.com. PPV Price? $49.99 Where it’s happening? Dignity Health Sports Park in Carson, California will host the biggest boxing event. The shots have been fired: So it’s time to set ready for Tyson vs Jones fight on 28th November 2020. Mike Tyson is the undisputed bad boy of sports. Known for his on and off-the-ring theatrics and ferociousness, Mike Tyson has made quite a name and fame for himself. Or should we say The Iron Mike Tyson has been infamous for his savage wickedness and his life’s moments that have practically made him a favorite of the media, news channels, and paparazzis. Whether it be playing himself in The Hangover, notoriously biting off an opponent and greatest rival Evander Holyfield’s ear,

having his own reality show on Animal Planet or losing his daughter in a tragic accident; his career might have ended in 2005 but the spotlight refuses to shy away from him. The death-defying and exhilarating journey of a life that is always so close to scandals and injury is revving up again as The Iron prepares to pit himself against one of the legendary pugilists of recent times Roy Jones Jr. This has caused the sports fans to be nothing less than pumped as both the strikingly valiant combat pros are stepping out of retirement and donning their boxing gloves to clash against each other in, what is being said, as one of the greatest-ever bouts in combat sports history.

Mike Tyson vs Roy Jones online coverage The build-up: The Iron- Mike Tyson, who is now 54, hasn’t had a professional bout since 2005 when he retired from the world of pro-boxing. He has announced that he will step up in the ring for one final time in an exhibition bout lasting 8 rounds against the legendary American boxer Roy Jones Jr who is 51 himself and hasn’t had a taste of pro-boxing since 2018. Though Mike Tyson has made it clear that a vast majority of the proceedings that he will earn from this bout will go to charities, legends like George Foreman feel that both the superstars are unnecessarily stepping out of their retirement as this fight has the potential to hurt them badly. The bizarre rules of the fight: As the iconic boxers level up against one another,

boxing fans have been quite intrigued why Tyson chose Roy Jones Jr. as his opponent. Maybe because the ring-baddie, who suffered back to back losses leading to his retirement in 2005, is set to redeem his reputation against an opponent who ended his career in 2018 with a four-match winning streak. Or simply because Iron Mike loves playing with fire. Either way, the rules that these boxers have to abide by are bizarre and have flabbergasted the entire sporting community. September 12 is the date when this epic showdown will occur at Dignity Health Sports Park in Carson, California. But the rules dictate that Tyson and Jones Jr. won’t be using any headgear for the fight and will be lacing up 12-ounce gloves. No judge will be present to score their fight and so it comes down to the fact that this fight will witness a winner through a knockout (KO) or a technical knockout (TKO).

The CSAC Executive Director Andy Foster also declared that if one of the fighters was deemed unfit to continue, the match could come to an end. However, sports fans might be upset because the rules of the fight also state that the match might end prematurely if either one of the fighters sustains a cut. Therefore, with the chances of ending prematurely, the bout has a prospect of selling billions of pay-per-views and is highly lucrative for the pro-boxing community as well. Why isn’t this bout going to be something regular? Iron Mike has been contemplating the launch of his new venture. Touted the “Legends only League”, this sports venture will see to it that professional sports stars and athletes in their individual sports compete against one another under this unified banner.

According to sports pundits, this league has tremendous potential to create some of the best moments in sporting history and create a few of the choicest showdowns, epic competitions, live events broadcasting, and a flurry of products marketed all around the globe. The showdown between Tyson and Jones Jr. is going to kickstart that league of such a magnitude with about that is befitting its nature. The California State Athletic Commission is going to license Tyson and Jones Jr. for this match and has clearly stated that this boxing match is going to be unlike any other. Though the history of exhibition bouts and pre-season boxing matches has been quite gory, CSAC Executive Director Andy Foster claims that this will not be one of them as he guarantees that the fighters will not engage with each other in a view to bite each other’s head off. The revised rules of this particular bout include the authority of the referee to call off the match if the entire fight or any of the fighters stray beyond the boundaries of the competitive boxing exhibition. Both the boxers have to submit the reports of medical tests authenticated by the CSAC for boxers over the age of 40. Though practice clips show Tyson to be in magnificent shape and it is widely known that Jones Jr.

has been training with Chris Eubank Jr. since his last professional fight, emergency medical guidelines have been established and these two need to comply with those. The CSAC has proclaimed that adhering to these emergency medical guidelines will help this contact sport to decelerate the transmission of COVID-19 and hence both the fighters need to present their medical documents which are in agreement with these norms. Timings: The undercard match that leads to the main bout will commence at 2 am BST, whereas the exhibition bout is set to take the stage between 4 am and 5 am BST. Though it will not be televised on any television channel in the UK, social media broadcasting will be up for grabs. Like most of the other popular applications, the Thriller app can be downloaded from the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store and is compatible with every mobile device. Though it is still unclear how the Thriller app will be live-streaming the exhibition match and whether it can be viewed on a television or cast on it through the app, it is already known that the entire sporting community is raring to witness this spectacle of a live event where two towering combatants collide in the ultimate battle of the millennium. Check full fight preview here. Mike Tyson vs Roy Jones Live Stream Channels


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